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Allergy Treatment using the NAET Method

A natural treatment for allergies based on emothinal tratment using the NAET Method. The treatment is suitable for all ages,…

The Thing I Still Haven’t Done to Find a Couple-Relationship

Neither money, nor weight, nor height will lead you to a couple-relationship. Ora Golan explains the path to finding a relationship, how to maintain it, and even how to have a good break-up when necessary.

No Trauma is Immune – the Emotional Treatment that Saves Skeptics (interview)

Do Ora Golan’s methods really work? Professional cynic and skeptic Assaf Voll visited the Ora Golan Center with the aim of undergoing treatment of emotional blocks in order to see what it was all about. So, do muscles really store trauma? How are emotional blocks transformed into something visible? Why do patients forget what their original complaint was? And how does the treatment work even on those who do not believe in it?

Dominant Aggressive Men and Their Well-Kept Wives

How did life come to revolve around the draw and pursuit of money? To what extent does money influence our disposition?